I thank you Lord for seeing me through the just ended year 2019 .With God by my side, nothing shall be impossible  for me ,I receive the grace to live holy life , I submit my  Spirit ,Soul and body to be fully taken over by the Holy Spirit. I ask that you release upon me an unexplainable hunger for you this year ,that I might pursue you daily through the study of your word. No matter what I experienced last year, this year shall be different. It shall be full of notable testimonies. From far and near, my God shall send help to me daily. Everything shall work for my good in Jesus name. I speak to the year 2020 is my year of liberation. Therefore I am free from debt ,  I will no longer borrow but I will feed nations , I will eat what I feel like eating and not what is available. Poverty and dryness shall be far from me. I am liberated from failure, every siege on my way that is responsible for my repeated failures and disappointments shall break in pieces. God shall take me from nothing to something and from nobody to somebody this year. I am delivered from family problems, my home shall be blessed and peaceful, I will enjoy my marriage every stronghold that has been assigned to tear my family apart shall fall apart. I am liberated from miscarriage and barrenness. My life shall be fruitful, I will soon carry my baby, the seed you have planted in me shall not be uprooted by the enemies. I will not be barrenness spiritually & financially. I am free from sickness, in the year 2020, I will be healthy, none of my household will surfer sickness. I am liberated from sudden death. As the Lord lives, I will fulfill the number of my days. All my challenges and ugly experiences shall turn to testimonies this year. All my disappointments shall turn to my appointment, all my wasted years shall be compensated. The favour of God shall lift me up above limitations, I receive God’s anointing upon me , my efforts shall never go unnoticed, My business will deliver great result ,I will not record any loss this year. I reject sorry but I accept Congratulations. As I stepped out into the year 2020, no one will reject me and my Services. Sorrow and bad news shall be far from my address. Goodness and mercy shall locate me this year, I am the next to testify and  people shall rejoice with me in Jesus Mighty  Name. AMEN.

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