BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DIOCESE Christianity in Remoland dated back to 1892, when the Rev James Johnson, the Vicar of St. Jude’s Church, Ebute-Metta, and his Curate, Rev J. S. Williams, set out from Lagos on a missionary adventure to Ijebu-Remo. On the journey with them were, Messer. J.A. Roberts, I.H. Wright and J.S. Adewakun.

These three laymen turned out to be the first Anglican Evangelists to live and work in Ijebu-Remo; and the work done by them became the mustard seed that has grown to our present day Remo Diocese.Just as it was in any other place at the advent of Christianity, the faith encountered a lot of difficulties since the people saw Christianity as a threat to their idol worship. With God working with them and confirming the gospel message with signs and wonders, the group of churches in Remoland was constituted into a Provisional District Church Council on 6th July 1913 with the Rev Canon B.A. Falode as the first Chairman.

The dynamic growth of the Church continued unabated resulting in the creation of Ijebu-Remo Archdeaconry on 12th February, 1977 with Ven. J.O. Olumoya as the first Archdeacon. The Archdeaconry was made up of three districts namely, Ijebu-Remo South D.C.C. with its headquarters at St. Paul’s Church, Sagamu,  Ijebu-Remo North D.C.C. with its headquarters at St. James’ Church, Iperu, and Ijebu-Remo East D.C.C. with its headquarters at St. Saviours’ Church, Ikenne. Since Remoland was destined for greatness spiritually, the struggle to become an autonomous Diocese was rewarded with the creation of what is today known as Remo Diocese on March 5, 1984 with The Rt. Rev. E.I.O. Ogundana as the first Bishop. With the retirement of the first Bishop in July 2003, the second Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Olusina Fape, was enthroned November 20, 2003. He was elected as the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos on Friday, 2nd June, 2016 and presented on Sunday, 24th July, 2016.

Having known the humble beginning of Remo Diocese, it is important that we take a quick x-ray of where we are now. The Diocese that started with the Cathedral Church, two Archdeaconries and 10 priests in 1984 is today having the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, still as the mother church, 20 Archdeaconries, and 80 priests. At the inauguration of the Diocese in 1984, there were 31 churches. Today, we have 70 churches. Indeed Remo Diocese is steadily progressing. We are thanking God today for what he has done in our Diocese. We want to acknowledge the grace of God on the Diocese in an unparalleled manner. To God be all the glory.