Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
Diocesan Action Committee on AIDS (DACA)

Address:  Anglican Bishopscourt, P. O. Box 522, Makun, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Focuses and Services

(1)       Awareness raising, sensitization and knowledge building on HIV/AIDS, STI, T.B, Malaria etc.
(2)       Foster behaviour charge, especially sexual behaviour that put people at risk of HIV/AIDS, STI etc.
(3)       Clergy and Wives, Church Workers, Church leaders, Religious and Community leader’s capacity building.
(4)       Facilitation of access to HIV voluntary counseling and testing services.
(5)       Programmes that will contribute to the elimination of stigmatization and discrimination.
(6)       Church and Community mobilization.
(7)       Production of information, education and communication printed materials (IEC)
(8)       Spiritual, Health, care and support for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS (PLWAS/PABAS).
(9)       Umbrella for 56 sub-committees called Church Action Committee on AIDS (CACA),
(10)     Women and Youth empowerment – Loan Scheme etc.
(11)     Poverty alleviation – Vocational Centres etc.
(12)     Adolescents, Youth and reproduction health.
(13)     Charity, care and welfare – Prisoners, Hospital (Sick), Orphans, Wisdom, Physical challenged people, bereaved etc.
Assistance Solicited in the Following areas:
(1)       Sponsorship (Sponsors and good work)
(2)       Capacity, Knowledge building and exposure of Co-ordination
(3)       Finance of Operational Cost
(4)       Production of information, Education and Communication printed materials.

Rev. Canon R. I. A. Akinboyewa (08033443137)

Remo Diocese has a formidable Youth force who knows their onions spiritually and ecclesiastically.  They are young Anglican churchmen and women.  The Diocese has various avenues through which Youth and Children activities are being carried out.  There are groups as well that minister to various segments of the Youths.

Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF):
The Anglican Student Fellowships is the youth organ of the Anglican Communion in Remo Diocese.  They comprise mainly of students in higher institutions of learning and they are found in all the higher institutions within the geographical boundary of Remo Diocese.  Students of Remo Diocese origin in institutions outside Remo are also involved in activities in their various institutions.  The Chaplaincy of this body is vested in the Diocesan Youth Chaplain.

Anglican Youth Fellowship:
This is the youth wing of the Anglican Communion in all the Anglican Churches in Nigeria. Remo Diocese has a vibrant group under the Leadership of Surveyor Orepitan.  Branches are found in most of the big Churches.

Girls’ Guild, Ladies Guild and Boys Guild:
The Girls and ladies’ Guild is the organization that ministers to girls and young female adults.  The girls are being prepared for the challenges of the future.  The Girl-Child and the Girl-woman is the major focus of the Mothers’ Union of the Remo Diocese.  Results are daily flowing in from different angle.  Hence in the recent past, Boys Guild has been established to take care of the young boys and young male adults.  All the Churches in Remo Anglican Diocese have branches of these groups.

Sunday School/Children Service:
During the normal Sunday services, children of different backgrounds are also expected to meet in a separate service.  This is to enable the children to worship God at their own level.  We have Sunday School Teachers and Conductors of Children Service under the Supervision of Mrs. Toyin Fape, our Mama and the wife of our Diocesan Bishop.  Together with Clergy wives in various Churches, Children have been monitored regularly in their spiritual walk.


  1. Youth Camp
  2. Youth Week
  3. Girls Guild Camp
  4. Outreaches to various churches and communities
  5. Remo Diocesan Bishop Annual Bible Quiz Competition
  6. Juvenile/Children Service:
  7. Youth Forum fellowships etc

On the 27th April 2004, the Lord Bishop of Remo, Rt. Rev. (Dr) Olusina Fape convened a consultative meeting with some sons and daughters of Remo Diocese Anglican Communion where the Lord Bishop presented his vision and mission for the Diocese. These were discussed exhaustively and as a result of which the Lord Bishop appointed those present at the meeting to constitute a new body to be called Remo Diocesan Development and Endowment Committee. The committee was formally inaugurated at the third session of the Seventh Synod of the Diocese held at St. James Anglican Church, Iperu on Sunday 4th, of July 2004. Prince (Dr.) B. A. Onafowokan was as the Chairman, while Chief M. A. Ogunyanwo and Prince Tola Sotinwa became 1st Vice and 2nd Vice Chairmen respectively. The function of the Development Committee was later further divided into sub-committees:

1. Technical sub-committee
2. Finance and Investment sub-committee
3. Public Relations and Publicity sub-committee

The Rt. Rev. Dr. M. O. Fape – The Diocesan
Prince Dr. B. A. Onafowokan – Chairman
Builder E. Olu Sokoya – Tech. Sub-Committee Chairman.
Olootu M. O. Oyedele – Pub.Sub-Committee Chairman.
Arole Omosanya Akinyemi – Finance & Invst. Committee Chairman
Ven. F. O. Babatunji – Secretary

The major assignment of the Evangelism Board consists of co-ordinating urban and rural evangelism in the whole length and breadth of Remo Diocese. The Board also has the assignment of planting new churches of which so far many new churches have been planted in addition to those which originally emerged as Remo Diocese in 1984.

Activities and Units under the board include:

1. Diocesan Vigil:

2. Outreaches:

3. Planting of New Churches:

4. Prison Ministry:

5. Market Ministry:

6. City Wide Crusade

7. Evangelical Retreat

8. Drama Unit:

9. Tract Production:

10. Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion

Recently, four new Churches were planted. New Churches christened are Ebenezer Anglican Church, Ibelefun, Sagamu, St. Michael’s Church, Ipara Remo, St. Philip’s Anglican Church, Iraye, Ode Remo, St Silas Church, Magbo, Ogijo and All Saints Anglican Church, Igbo-Ogijo respectively.  New Churches sprang up near Ewuga and Eskay Hotel areas both in Sagamu while frantic efforts are ongoing in areas along Ikenne Road in Sagamu and in other towns.

The Board is headed by Ven F.E.O. Olojede