Topic: Can anyone hear me? I need help { John 5:1-9} by Rev. John Adejuyigbe

More than ever before, people all over the world are feeling more isolated and alone in their pains. Many of us today are going through challenging situations in the midst of friends and loved ones yet none seems willing or able to give a hand of help.The façade of happiness and success presented by your friends on the social media makes you wonder if it will ever be your turn to smile. It is as though everyone else is succeeding and moving forward in life while you are stuck with one failure or the other. While you observe the smiles on everyone’s face, you silently cry within you hoping someone someday will just notice that you need help.

This was certainly the state of the man in our text (John5:1-9) who had been an invalid (blind, lame and paralyzed) for thirty eight years, confined to a spot by a pool and with no one to help. The Bible recorded that at appointed seasons, an angel of the Lord goes into the pool and stirs it such that whoever steps in first into the pool is healed of any form of disease being suffered hitherto. This man obviously has tried all he could to be that one person year after year, season after season but failed by reason of physical limitations. Someone was   nalways getting there just before him. His cry was “can anyone hear me, I need help.”

Does this look like what you are going through today?Have you labored so much to overturn the negative situations of your life without success because of spiritual, physical, financial or social limitations?Maybe you have undergone stages of interview and reached the final stage only to end up being the eleventh person when only ten people are being recruited. So every day you see or hear of good things happening to people that were once in the same situation as yours and you wonder when it will be your turn. Testimony time has become your most dreaded period of every service in church because peoples’ testimonies only remind you that everyone is moving forward except you. So you are crying in your heart; can anyone hear me? I need help.

In John 5:3-8, it was recorded that though there were a great multitude of impotent people at the pool that day, Jesus saw and noticed that invalid man who had being in pain for a long time. He heard his silent cry and answered him. I have good news for you today; Jesus has seen your struggles and heard your silent cries for help today. You are reading this write up today because it is your turn for a breakthrough. Jesus Christ who is same yesterday, today and forever is asking you the same question He asked that man today – “Do you want to be made well?”Anywhere you are right now, declare whole heartedly that YES LORD, MAKE ME WHOLE.

In other words, it is no longer about the severity or age of your pain or struggles, sickness or limitations but about the unlimited power of Christ and your readiness to receive His help today. You may have noticed that that invalid man had failed at least 38 times before Jesus walked into his life and made turned his complaints into testimonies. In spite of his wrong response, Jesus gave him a complete package of instantaneous healing.

Have you answered Christ’s call today? He is calling out to you today; come to me, you who labour and is heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). All you have to do is surrender into His loving arms and allow Him into your heart if you have not done so. Kneel down and ask him to wash you clean of your sins and make your heart His throne. And if you have known Him before but have made mistakes along the way, He is ready to receive you back into His loving arms. Don’t resist His help today, just surrender humbly in prayers and He will help you through today.

Prayer: LORD, I need your help, I surrender my life and struggles to you, change my life, give me a life-changing testimony today, in Jesus name. Amen.

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