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I thank you Lord for seeing me through the just year 2017 . With God, nothing shall be impossible for me, I receive the grace to live above sin . I submit my flesh to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. I will obey the word of God in all circumstances. I ask that you release upon me an unexplainable hunger for you, that I might pursue you daily through the study of your word. No matter what I experienced last year, this year shall be different. It shall be full of enviable and notable testimonies for me. From far and near, my God shall send help to me daily. Jehovah Jireh shall provide for me and settle all my bills. I command the winds from the four corners of the earth to begin to work for my good this year. The moon, the stars, the sun, the sea, the earth, the night and day shall answer no more to the manipulation of my enemies. All my challenges and ugly experiences shall turn to my testimonies this year. All my disappointments shall turn to my appointment; all my wasted years shall be compensated. The favour of God shall lift me up above limitation; I receive God’s anointing upon me that will make my hand produce great miracles and wonders to outperform my contemporaries in order to make me stand out. My business will deliver great result and outperform my competitors, no matter where I find myself I will be a carrier of God signs and wonders; I will not record any loss this year. I decree and declare that as I step out this year no one will reject me and my Services. Sorrow and bad news shall be far from my address. Progress, joy, strength and victory shall be my portion. I will never be a liability to my family, I shall be spiritually, financially and emotionally stable ,my marriage shall not surfer barrenness, poverty and dryness. Goodness and mercy shall locate me this year; I shall eat and be satisfied. I will end this year on a note of Joy and gladness, people shall ear my own testimonies this year in Jesus Name. AMEN.

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