Remo Diocese has a formidable Youth force who knows their onions spiritually and ecclesiastically. They are young Anglican churchmen and women. The Diocese has various avenues through which Youth and Children activities are being carried out. There are groups as well that minister to various segments of the Youths.

Anglican Student’s Fellowship (ASF)
 The Anglican Student’s Fellowship is a youth organ of the Anglican Communion in Remo Diocese. This organ comprises mainly  students in higher institutions of learning. This fellowship is found in all the higher institutions within the geographical boundary of Remo Diocese. Students of Remo Diocese origin in institutions outside Remo are also involved in activities in their various institutions. The Chaplaincy of this body is vested in the Diocesan Youth Chaplain, Rev’d E. O. Fadipe.

Anglican Youth Fellowship(AYF)
This is the youth wing of the Anglican Communion in all the Anglican Churches in Nigeria. Remo Diocese has a vibrant group under the Leadership of Surveyor Orepitan. Branches are found in most of the big Churches.

Girls’ Guild, Ladies’ Guild and Boy’s Guild
 The Girl’s and Ladies’ Guild is the organization that ministers to girls and young female adults. The girls are being prepared for the challenges of the future. The Girl-Child and the Girl-woman is the major focus of the Mothers’ Union of the Remo Diocese. Results are daily flowing in from different angle. Hence in the recent past, Boy’s Guild has been established to take care of the young boys and young male adults. All the Churches in Remo Anglican Diocese have branches of these groups.

Sunday School/Children Service
During the normal Sunday services, children of different backgrounds are also expected to meet in a separate service. This is to enable the children to worship God at their own level. We have Sunday School Teachers and Conductors of Children Service under the Supervision of Mrs. Toyin Fape, our Mama and the wife of our Diocesan Bishop. Together with Clergy wives in various Churches, Children have been monitored regularly in their spiritual walk.

Youth Camp
Youth Week
Girls Guild Camp
Outreaches to various churches and communities
Remo Diocesan Bishop Annual Bible Quiz Competition
Juvenile/Children Service
Youth Forum fellowships etc

 This Board is headed by Ven F.O. Babatunji