Mothers’ Union

Remo Diocesan Mother’s Union:  This organisation comprises all legally married women in the Diocese.

Executives members are:
Diocesan President                           –           Mrs. Toyin Fape
Chairman of the conference planning committee      –       Chief Mrs. Arikawe

Treasurer                  –          Chief Mrs. Odumuyiwa
Auditor                   –

Secretary                –           Mrs. Kemi Sosanya

Assist. Secretary 1    –       Mrs. Tope Adesenla


Ongoing Projects

Vocational Centre: We have  purchased a parcel of land so as to build a world class vocational centre where youths, widows, orphans and less privileged will be trained in any area of their choice so as to make a living and be better citizens.

Activities of Mother’s Union:

1. Village Evangelism: We embark on house-to-house evangelism in any prayerfully chosen village where the following activities such as:

-ministering to their spiritual needs through preaching, teaching, counselling, conducting deliverance section and other spiritual excercise.

-free medical services to villagers

-distribution of food and valuable items such as clothes, shoes, toiletries and any other domestic material.

2. Scholarship to indigent students in Remo land: This has become part of the programmes in the Diocese through indigents student’s hopes are once again rekindled as they get scholarship to continue their studies.

3. Care for the Aged: The aged in Diocese and beyond continue to rejoice as the women wing of the Diocese continues to cater for their needs. We also organise parties for them to encourage them.

4. Couple’s Retreat:

5. Seminar/Workshops/Talks

-Health Talk

-Health Services

6. Boys & Girls’ Camp/Retreat: 

7. Care for the abused through:

– Spiritual attention

-Medical attention


-Legal attention