The need for a Secondary Missionary School brought about the establishment of Remo Anglican College by the Synod of the Diocese held between the 1st  and 4th July, 1999.  There, it was agreed upon that an establishment of a Mission Schoolwould help to inculcate a sound moral, discipline, and educational foundation for the children in a world that is increasingly becoming morally bankrupt, socially bastardized and academically at a low ebb.

The principal objective of establishing Remo Anglican College was to “correct social ills in our society and to raise able, self-reliant, well-behaved and responsible youths that will in future, be capable of playing desirable leadership roles in theNigeria of our dream”.

The proprietorship of the school is vested in the Lord Bishop of Remo Anglican Diocesan, Rt. Rev’d Dr M.O. Fape.


The College has graduated to the Senior Secondary School in 2002/2003 Academic year, hence, the subject offered at the Junior Secondary School are as follows:
1.         English Language
2.         Mathematics
3.         Yoruba Language
4.         Music
5.         Integrated Science
6.         Introductory Technology
7.         Computer Studies
8.         Social Studies
9.         Business Studies
10.       Physical and Health Education
11.       Home Economics
12.       Agricultural Science
13.       Christian Religion Studies

Subjects offered at the Senior Secondary School are as follows:
1.         English Language
2.         Mathematics
3.         Yoruba Language
4.         Biology
5.         Chemistry
6.         Physics
7.         Further Mathematics
8.         Economics
9.         Commerce
10.       Financial Accounting
11.       Geography
12.       Agricultural Science
13.       Christian Religion Studies
14.       Government
15.       Literature-in-English
16.       Food and Nutrition
17.       Home Management
18.       Technical Drawing

Extra Curricular Activities
i.          Games and Sport
–           Football
–           Table – Tennis
–           Lawn Tennis
–           Volley Ball
–           Athletes i.e. tracks sport
–           Ayo etc.

Clubs Activities
Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS)
Literary and Debating Society
Young Farmer’s Club
Gateway Reader’s Club.