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There’s a reason you and I struggle with forgiveness, but I don’t think it’s because of how deeply we’re been wounded by another.

The main reason we often don’t forgive those who offend us is because we have several misconceptions about what forgiveness really means.

Do any of these conditions (or excuses) sound like yours?

  • I’m still dealing with the consequences of how that person hurt me, so I’m not about to forgive that person.
  • Why should I forgive a person who has never apologized?
  • I’ll forgive him when he proves that he has changed.
  • What that person did to me wasn’t right so I can’t bring myself to let him/her off the hook.
  • Why should I forgive a betrayal and unrepentant?

The concept of forgiveness is one of the core doctrines of Christianity. It is quite difficult, and in some ways impossible, if we believe, we might first receive an apology from the person who offended us. Likewise, we will have difficulty forgiving another person. If we are expecting that person to show remorse or evidence of having changed; we can also tend to believe that if we forgive someone, we are giving them a license to hurt us again. Mostly, we withhold our forgiveness because we don’t feel like the person deserves it.

We remain in chains of emotional bondage to those we refuse to forgive. By withholding forgiveness we are saying “You will never be able to make this right”. But what we are ultimately saying is: “I will always hold unto this pain” when you’re stuck like that you end up living with the burden of bitterness. Instead, you can live freely by freely forgiving. When God forgave us of the debt of our sin, He expected us to then forgive others of their debt toward us (Eph. 4:32)

Here are some misconceptions we have about forgiveness that often make it difficult for us to forgive someone:

  1. We think forgiveness is excusing a person or letting them off the hook: when we admit that our offense was real, it hurt and it’s inexcusable but so is our offense to God, we can forgive another person just as God has forgiven us.
  2. We think we can forgive only when the offense no longer hurts: what can heal our hurts speedily is when we choose to forgive. You will begin to heal emotionally when you release that hurt or make things right again.
  3. We think we must wait for an apology: If an apology by the offender were necessary in order for you to forgive, then you would never be able to forgive someone in order for you to forgive, then you would never be able to forgive someone who has died and never come clean with you. We are commanded to forgive an offender regardless of that person’s remorse or efforts to gain our forgiveness.
  4. We think we must meet face to face or resume the relationship: forgiveness happens in your heart when you release another person from the expectation that they will never be able to make right the hurt they caused you and when you stop identifying that person by their offense.
  5. We’re afraid we won’t be able to forget the offense: To forgive and forget is something only God is capable of (Isaiah 43: 25). We have memories and perhaps for our protection, or tend to remember hurtful things. When the offense comes to mind, remind yourself. “I have released that person from his/her obligation towards me” and move on, mentally and emotionally.

The forgiving life is a channel through which people may be won for Christ. When you forgive others, you are showing the manifold greatness of God’s grace, mercies and generosity. Can you make that first move to forgive your offenders and release yourself? You won’t be letting the other person off the hook only but you will, instead be releasing yourself to live freely by freely forgiving.

Topic: Can anyone hear me? I need help { John 5:1-9} by Rev. John Adejuyigbe

More than ever before, people all over the world are feeling more isolated and alone in their pains. Many of us today are going through challenging situations in the midst of friends and loved ones yet none seems willing or able to give a hand of help.The façade of happiness and success presented by your friends on the social media makes you wonder if it will ever be your turn to smile. It is as though everyone else is succeeding and moving forward in life while you are stuck with one failure or the other. While you observe the smiles on everyone’s face, you silently cry within you hoping someone someday will just notice that you need help.

This was certainly the state of the man in our text (John5:1-9) who had been an invalid (blind, lame and paralyzed) for thirty eight years, confined to a spot by a pool and with no one to help. The Bible recorded that at appointed seasons, an angel of the Lord goes into the pool and stirs it such that whoever steps in first into the pool is healed of any form of disease being suffered hitherto. This man obviously has tried all he could to be that one person year after year, season after season but failed by reason of physical limitations. Someone was   nalways getting there just before him. His cry was “can anyone hear me, I need help.”

Does this look like what you are going through today?Have you labored so much to overturn the negative situations of your life without success because of spiritual, physical, financial or social limitations?Maybe you have undergone stages of interview and reached the final stage only to end up being the eleventh person when only ten people are being recruited. So every day you see or hear of good things happening to people that were once in the same situation as yours and you wonder when it will be your turn. Testimony time has become your most dreaded period of every service in church because peoples’ testimonies only remind you that everyone is moving forward except you. So you are crying in your heart; can anyone hear me? I need help.

In John 5:3-8, it was recorded that though there were a great multitude of impotent people at the pool that day, Jesus saw and noticed that invalid man who had being in pain for a long time. He heard his silent cry and answered him. I have good news for you today; Jesus has seen your struggles and heard your silent cries for help today. You are reading this write up today because it is your turn for a breakthrough. Jesus Christ who is same yesterday, today and forever is asking you the same question He asked that man today – “Do you want to be made well?”Anywhere you are right now, declare whole heartedly that YES LORD, MAKE ME WHOLE.

In other words, it is no longer about the severity or age of your pain or struggles, sickness or limitations but about the unlimited power of Christ and your readiness to receive His help today. You may have noticed that that invalid man had failed at least 38 times before Jesus walked into his life and made turned his complaints into testimonies. In spite of his wrong response, Jesus gave him a complete package of instantaneous healing.

Have you answered Christ’s call today? He is calling out to you today; come to me, you who labour and is heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). All you have to do is surrender into His loving arms and allow Him into your heart if you have not done so. Kneel down and ask him to wash you clean of your sins and make your heart His throne. And if you have known Him before but have made mistakes along the way, He is ready to receive you back into His loving arms. Don’t resist His help today, just surrender humbly in prayers and He will help you through today.

Prayer: LORD, I need your help, I surrender my life and struggles to you, change my life, give me a life-changing testimony today, in Jesus name. Amen.



Life is always full of ups and downs. There are situations in man’s life that seems to defile every possible solution. In such situations, man rather takes to fate or find alternative. Such was the case of ABRAHAM and SARAH in Genesis 18. The couple had advanced in age without the promised child but when the announcement came from the messenger of God; to SARAH it was a childish play hence, the question to Abraham in vs. 13-14: “And the Lord said to Abraham…. Is there anything too hard for the Lord…?”

The same statement was reiterated by an Angel of the lord in Luke 1:37 saying emphatically that “For with the God nothing will be impossible”. Brethren, what is it that seems impossible to you? What are the things making you cry day and night? Why is your soul cast down?

What situation of life have you written yourself off? Here is the good news: that situation is not beyond God’s control. See ,God is absolutely in charge. He who made Sarah to laugh will make you laugh. He who removes the reproach of Elizabeth will remove your reproach. Men all over will hear of God’s goodness in your life and call you blessed. God Bless you.

fresh word by Revd kola Salako:Developing An Unshakable Confidence in the Word of God


Many people, indeed, most Christians have some confidence but many a times, we don’t have enough confidence to be blessed or to receive certain blessings. The bible says there is a reward for confidence. In this message, I want to underscore confidence and help you ascertain whether you have confidence or not, and what you are expected to have confidence in. A lot of time, people have confidence in the wrong things; for instance, people have confidence in unreliable things like fellow human, their wealth, the economy, government, educational certificates and others. The only thing to have confidence in is the word of God. Aside having confidence, you’ve got to grow in it. The confidence in God’s word is so powerful, unshakeable and rock solid. Your ability to preach or teach God’s word is to the extent that it will work. If you lack confidence in God’s word you can’t preach it. There is an appropriate level of confidence in God’s word to be able to preach it. What you have confidence in, you do.

Heb 10:35 Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great recompense of reward.


  1. People lack confidence because they don’t know it is important.
  2. Experience of failure in relationship, work or life makes people loss confidence.
  3. Family background, e.g. weak or inferiority complex, from self, parents, schoolteachers, friends, colleagues, e.t.c. for instance slave mentality will lead to lack of confidence.
  4. Demonic attacks: attacks from the devil. Unfulfilled dreams or nightmares can make people loss confidence.

There is the tendency of losing confidence when you experience delay, have unanswered prayers, not getting what you want from God’s word as you think you should or you are getting the contrary to what the promises said. This is a very important instruction for anyone who is going to preach God’s word, or anybody whose life would be a testimony to God’s word because there is a great reward attached to it. If you throw away your confidence, you have thrown away the reward also. If you lack confidence you lose the reward also. If you have some confidence, you can develop it.

Isa 30:15 For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

Someone once said that the Pentecostal Christians are convincing because they are convinced. Our messages are convincing because we are convinced. The point is, when you are convinced you are likely to be more convincing. Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He declared it unarguably. This the way we should preach. This is a true and complete depiction of confidence.

Things Predicated On Confidence

  1. Without confidence you cannot defeat the enemy in battle. Without confidence, you can’t cast out devils. To lack confidence is to be unsure.
  2. Without confidence, you can’t discern the will of God and the victories He has for you.
  3. Confidence is the basis of approaching God effectively in prayer, Heb 4:16.
  4. Without confidence you cannot be on the offensive, James 4:17. You cannot stand in the day of battle without confidence. Demons don’t respect people that are not confident or bold.
  5. Without confidence you cannot venture into new territories, and as such, you cannot start something new. If you can’t start something new you cannot achieve much, Ps 18:29. The life of David was full of confidence, Ps 112:5-10.

Your confidence in God will put you over impossible situation. A good definition of confidence is an established heart. A man whose heart is established in God is confidence. Mind you, confidence can be misplaced. If your confidence is in your money, position, education, man, church, e.t.c, it is misplaced. A Christian with this kind of confidence is still a baby, Pro 25:19 Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.

It is actually difficult not to have confidence in man because you are always relating with man and the truth is God is actually going to use people. But as long as you live every promise from man should be taken with a pinch of salt so you don’t suffer a broken heart, Phil 3:3, Is 2:22, Ps 118:8-9. Your confidence should be in God totally and not in man, Ps 118:8-9.


  1. Understanding God’s Provision– God is our source. You must understand that God has made complete provision for us and does not hold any back from us, Hos 4:6. It is He that gives us all we had, have and will ever have. God will surely provide; even those things you seem to have lost he will provide another.
  2. Knowing The Word Of God– to know is not in cramming, it begins with meditation. It is knowing the spirit of the word; knowing the essence and purpose of the word, Matt 4:4. The word of God must be eaten (read), and digested (meditated) before it can be useful. What you hear is nothing, but what you think and meditate on is important. What you meditate on is processed, and then you can preach it.
  3. By having communion with God– maintaining a life of prayer and communication with the Lord. Communion with God can be through meditation or your thought. Pray in tongues. When you do so, you are praying by your human spirit through the help of the Holy Spirit. Doing this often, sanctified thoughts will flow from your spirit to your mind. If you have communion often, you can say God says this and He will back it up. Communion builds relationship and confidence. Every man of God secures his confidence by communing with God.
  4. Remembering Past Victories– this is called Ebenezer. 1 Sam 7:12. When you forget past victories, your confidence reduces, Psa 78. This why we share and remember testimonies.
  5. Seeing other people stand– when you see other Christians stand in the same condition you are it builds you confidence.
  6. Taking a stand– this implies boldness. Boldness builds up confidence in us, Ps 27:1-5, Eph 6:13.
  7. Be filled with the spirit – Eph 18:19.There is nothing on earth as powerful or equal to the working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. When the Holy Spirit works on you, you become a changed man. He has come to administrate the work of Christ. The blessings of God come through the Holy Spirit including helping believers to become confident to witness.

As you exercise yourself in godliness you become more confident and develop spiritual muscles. I like to ask you these questions:

  1. What are the things you will do if you are sure that if you do it, it will succeed?
  2. What will you do or attempt for God, if you knew that if you attempted it it will yield you desired result.
  3. Who will you speak to about Christ if you are sure that person needs Christ and will be saved?
  4. Are there such people you will speak to if God told you you needed to speak to them?

Only confidence will make you do some unusual things. There is confidence to ask, to speak and do what you’ve never done before.


You can’t be confident in the bible if you don’t study it and meditate on it, 2 Pet 1:17-21. The prophesies of the scriptures are surer than what anybody says from any other source, Heb 13:5.


Lord, help me to develop my confidence in you.

God bless you.


Do Not Rush Be Cool, God Will Work It Out {Heb.11:6b}: by Revd M.I.Famusiwa

It is  in the habit of mankind to be in a haste and to hurriedly get whatever we desire . we want everything to be snappy and timely, forgetting the fact that ,He who created theheavens and earth  is the determinant of how and when our desires will get to us.

Many people can no longer exercise patience as a result of the countless pressures placed on them, may be in the Place of Work, Marriage/ Relationship, Business /Financial life. We are ignorant of the fact that we cannot engage God in any relay or rush Him.

In Genesis1:1ff, God created onething after the other, and engaged time and season to  bemoderating the affairs of the world. He created everything patiently, He did not rush, and he accurately ordered the status of the creatures.

When you are in a haste you are bound to make some irreparable mistakes. Therefore do not rush.

In Gen.1:3-5– Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

 And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

 God called the light day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. (NKJV)

Contextually,you will see that ,God did not create everything in one day,He firstly made the light, and separated  same light form darkness, then He named them , he called the light  day , the darkness He called  night. At the same time He fashioned out Evening and Morning to make a whole day. In a day ,you have morning and evening, it is therefore very impossible to bypass morning and jump to the afternoon or evening, you must undergo  the whole day process{morning , afternoon and night} before you can record a full day experience{s}.

The message is:

  1. Be patient enough, so as to undergo a complete spiritual metamorphosis of outstanding breakthrough.
  2. The darkness must be separated from your light before you can have a reflective and bright future
  3. You cannot bypass God therefore slow down your speed a bit
  4. You cannot dictateto God, therefore accept whatever he bringsyour way, for it shall work for your good.
  5. A snappy  success or riches can lead to a long time poverty therefore be contented and hope for a better tomorrow that will surely come your way
  6. Give your life to Jesus for He is the perfect Molder of your life.

Please say the following prayers with me.

Father I thank you for the gift of life, Lord Jesus forgive all my sins,I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour henceforth, write my name in the book of life, endow me with the power of  Your Holy Spirit. for I ask in Jesus name. Amen